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ARM Community Care is comprised of three residential care communities: Newburn Guest Home, Winter Pine House and Emory Terrace.

Newburn Guest Home (ARF) is a residential care communities for adults aged 18-59 years. While Emory Terrace (RCFE) is our third residential care community devoted to the elderly with memory care needs from age 60 and above, where we provide 24/7 attentive, experienced, well trained staff.

Perhaps you or your family member is experiencing mental health issues. On some days, a little help is needed to get by, while there may be other days when mental health challenges are seemingly more difficulty, you’ll need additional support emotionally and socially.

It is believed one does better in a community that more closely resembles home to attain their highest level of functioning through professional treatment and quality care in the least restrictive environment.

We invite you to get to know our three different locations more when you visit us and meet our staff personally. Contact us today!

elderly couple with a caregiver
elderly couple with a caregiver

Our Services

caregiver talking to senior woman

24 - Hour Supervision

We provide staff to be on call at all times of the day to help and assist any of the residents.

In-House Doctor Service

We provide an in-house physician visiting once a month. Our staff will help residents at Newburn and Winter Pine to update their schedules for psychiatric treatment appointments.

Electronic Individualized Care Plan

We provide eResidentCare to track and secure that each resident’s care and treatment are delivered.

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